Nesting, bedding and enrichment:

Designed and manufactured specifically for use in laboratory animal caging, NestPaks are made using FDA approved paper to make an outer pack that contains certificated bedding materials of your choice (grade and volume chosen by the client). The end result is similar to a large teabag that contains research grade bedding instead of tealeaves.

The pack is placed into a clean Lab Animal Cage and the animals placed into the cage. The animals are then left to chew and burrow into the pack making their own nesting and soil areas and spreading their own bedding across the floor of the cage.

The concept behind NESTPAKS is to make the process a much more controlled activity than filling by hand by giving a known volume of bedding, within an outer package that encourages the animals to forage and develop their own nest area by gnawing at the wrapper.  Every NestPak is batch coded for traceability and certificates of analysis are produced for each batch.  Packaging is designed for easy sterilisation and the inner membrane of packaging reduces the risk of contamination throughout the life of product.

NestPaks are a highly effective way of safely dispensing bedding and nesting materials into the lab animal’s cage with the added advantage of providing environmental enrichment activity in the same package. This product offers great advantages and can either compliment or replace the current arrangements according to individual company preferences.

  • Self-contained bedding/nesting sachets utilising animals’ natural instincts to shred to make nests
  • Combining FDA paper and quality wood bedding, NestPak® offers a ‘3 in 1’ solution to bedding, nesting and enrichment
  • A precise and consistent amount of bedding in every NestPak®
  • Manufactured in ISO accredited facilities, all types, grades and amounts of bedding available
  • NestPaks® offer a considerable reduction in airborne particulates and allergens
  • Suitable for all types of caging especially isolators & IVCs
  • Safe for both autoclaving and irradiation



Your choice of GLP certified bedding. The quantity and grade of bedding can be tailored to you needs, for example:

  • Aspen 2HK or 4HK
  • Datesand Grade 6
  • Corn Cob

Your choice of enrichment device can be added to your NestPak® including:

  • Nestlets
  • Cocoons
  • Small Chew Bricks
  • Small Play Tunnels


Ventilated Cage Systems

One of the fastest growing areas in the UK for cage sales is the Ventilated Cage Rack which can present a number of challenges in diet and bedding supply, in that the cage has to be removed and placed in a laminar flow hood before the animals are exposed.

This presents a potential problem in dispensing to the cage, particularly if it is to be a sterilised or irradiated product. NestPaks can be placed into the cages within the laminar flow cabinet without any spillage, or placed into the previously cleaned cage at the storage area.

Isolator Systems

NestPaks can be placed into and conveniently stored within the isolator without any spillage, or placed into the previous cleaned cage at the storage area without any risk of spillage inside the transfer port.

Labour Saving

The NestPak reduces labour time in all types of unit, makes storage, carriage and cage makeup easier and can be made to standard European/world cage sizes, and supplied in standard or irradiated form.