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The original, patented, complete in-cage solution

Protected by international patent numbers: 1100320, 6584934, 757934


In 1998 Datesand, working in association with the University of Leicester, developed a novel and groundbreaking new product. Initial test results indicated that this innovation could revolutionise cage changing procedures whilst also clearly improving laboratory animal welfare………. The NestPak was born. In 1998 the University of Leicester and Datesand were granted international patents to ensure that the expertise, commitment and investment in NestPak were protected. The patents also mean that when buying a genuine NestPak you can be absolutely assured of the quality of product in your cage. To this day, we are proud to confirm that these international patents remain. The demand for NestPak has meant that millions have been sold worldwide, directly through Datesand as well as through our network of approved distributors and licensed manufacturers.


Here and now

Patented NestPak are ONLY produced in Datesand’s ISO accredited facilities to exacting standards, or in one of our audited licensed manufacturer’s facilities. Every NestPak is manufactured to customer specification on dedicated production runs with the highest quality paper, bedding and enrichment items. To ensure the quality of NestPak in your facilities, make sure you contact Datesand or one of our OFFICIAL distributors.